The Astronomer's Eye

"Though my soul shall set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light"

An experimental film inspired by the poem "The Old Astronomer to his Pupil" by Sarah Williams. Through its abstract images, the film reflects the concept that artificial light is taking over natural sources.

I filmed a few of the images with several students from Curtin University as well as edited the film.

Audio Visual Set

I created this sequence for a local Perth DJ, Jaymee Franchina to play at various events and clubs where he performs. I themed the video "childhood" as you can see from the various popular children's movies used here. 

The Design Experience

Sweet Side Effect

This is a music video I created and edited for the band "The Encounters". I and several others, collaborated with the band to bring to life their vision of the song.

Athens and Rhodes

In 2016, I travelled around Europe for over three months. This is a short edit of two of the weeks spent with my boyfriend in Athens and Rhodes Island.

The Color Run Flash Mob

My dancing group and I performed a flash mob on the train from Perth to Elizabeth Quay to entertain for The Color Run Perth 2016. I edited this video out of the footage taken on people's phones.

Climbing The Eiffel Tower

Mannequin Challenge

During my end of year concert with Vogue Performers, I filmed the Mannequin Challenge. We attempted to film the audience, last pose of the previous dance item and two dressing rooms however the little ones couldn't seem to grasp the concept of staying still. This is just the end part which was much more successful.

Behind the Scenes of Noongar Dandjoo

In my final year studying at Curtin University, I worked on the television program, "Noongar Dandjoo". I was in charge of the launch for the show and edited together a behind the scenes package for the launch party including some of my own footage.


Climbing the Eiffel Tower is a stunning way to view Paris. Here is a video I filmed and edited of the way up with a few facts along the way.

Vogue Performers Concert Show Reel

During my end of year concert with Vogue Performers, I was asked to film and edit a show reel in one night to be shown at the second night of the concert (the following night). With the amount of warning and limited filming options as I was in the concert, I was quite happy with how it turned out.

Perth's Undercover Dance Project 2017

Young dances of Perth came together to perform in locations around the City showcasing the local talent. I filmed and edited this project all within two weeks. 

This is the short film that I produced for my final project at Curtin University. This was a particularly hard one to produce as there were children involved who have a much busier schedule then you would imagine.

This edit was for a class that I took. I wanted to make a reflection of history as of 2013 ending with the countdown to a "Happy New Year" to show the endless cycle of life.

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