How To Pack When Moving Countries

June 10, 2018




It is much easier said than done but you have to be super critical of your things. When was the last time you wore those jeans? Do these things hold any sentimental value?Are these clothes suitable for the climate you are going into?


Most airlines will allow 30kg for your checked in luggage. Then you also have 7kg hand luggage which I would definitely pack as many clothes into as possible as well. This is not a lot of weight or space when you are trying to transport your entire life overseas. What you do with the rest of your stuff will depend on your situation:


Do you already have a place to rent in your new city? If yes then great you are a huge step ahead of what I was. Ship your stuff over before you leave. It takes about 1-2 weeks to arrive. If it is not urgent then you might also consider having it transferred by boat which is much cheaper but takes a lot longer. Consider sending your summer or winter clothing that way depending on what season you are going into.


If you don't have a place to rent your best option is to leave your belongings you want sent over in packing boxes with family or a friend that will be able to send the box for you once you have a permanent address. You might be moving from place to place quite a bit at the start of your move and learning it the hard way, you do not want to be dragging around 3 suitcases worth of stuff each time.


So what did I actually pack with me from Australia to the UK. Lucky for me I was living with my parents before I left so I was able to leave certain things behind that I didn't want to bring with me because I don't necessarily need them but want to keep them. The main things that I actually needed were clothes! And I brought with me way too many. I was going into February in the UK which was going to be super cold so I had so many jackets and jumpers most of which I didn't even wear. All you need is one big coat to wear over your clothes anyway! So re pack your bag at least twice to really consider if you are going to wear those clothes. You are going to buy more clothes eventually but your space at the moment is critical so make sure you love the stuff that you bring with you. 


I stand midway between the debate whether to fold your clothes or roll them in your suitcase. I mostly fold and then roll smaller, thinner clothing in the cracks between stacks. My biggest saviour was using vacuum storage bags. They extract all the air from the bag and squish all of your clothes right down. I reckon I was at least able to pack three times the amount!


While everyone has a different packing list, these things are essential that you bring! 



*Passport (make copies)


*Copy of Birth Certificate 

*Bank Account Details

*Tax File Number

*Hard Copies of your CV

*Cash in the Local Currency

*Universal Adapters 

*Chargers for all Electronics 



Hope this helps! You can always contact me on Facebook or Instagram if you need anymore tips!


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