Raw GoPro doesn't look the best. If it is just for yourself to look back on it then it's no problem. But if you are using it to create professional, good quality videos or are combining it with other camera footage, there are ways to get rid of the GoPro look. Here are the 4 steps I take to improve my GoPro footage.

1. Remove the Fish Eye

GoPro footage has that rounded look to it which is a dead giveaway that you filmed with a GoPro. To remove it in After Effects, go to the effects panel, drag and drop 'Optic Compensation' onto your clip. Tick 'Reverse' then change it to around 60-70. This will crop out the sides of your image a little but it will look flat.

In Premiere Pro, go to the effects panel and add 'Lens Distortion'. Change the 'Curvature' to about '-15' or '-20' and you will see the image flatten.

2. Stabilise

If you filmed using a steady cam then you can mostly likely skip this step but if you are like me and didn't realise how shaky you would be then you need to stabilise your footage. You can do this in either Premiere Pro or After Effects using 'Warp Stabilizer'. If there is a lot of camera movement, you might have to adjust some of the settings. Go to the advanced settings and tick 'Detailed Analysis'. Have a play around with all of the features. If your shot is looking wobbly, lowers the percentages of 'Smoothness' and 'Crop Less <-> Smooth More'.

3. Colour Grade

GoPro footage comes out quite dull and flat. Head over to my other page on basic colour grading for beginners.

4. Black Strips

I add black strips to the top and bottom of my videos to give a widescreen and more professional finish. To do this, add an 'Adjustment Layer' over the top of your clip. Drag and drop the 'Crop' effect onto the layer and change the 'Top' and 'Bottom' percentages to 10%. 

 -Good luck with your edits and don't forget to subscribe for more tips-

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